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Delighted to be back in the fold

06 Feb 2015, 13:29

Hello everyone
My name is Brian Carter and I joined the Forum in August, 2014. I was so busy with establishing a business to publish my own book that I forgot I’d joined the Forum. So I’m glad for this opportunity to introduce myself.
I’m the author and publisher of a new biography of Enid Blyton called Enid Blyton – The Untold Story. I have a website and have put in a page devoted to Joanna Lumley. The page is about her reading one of Enid Blyton’s short school stories on the radio. You can read the article by visiting my website: http://www.enidblytonbio.co.uk and clicking of the page: Joanna Lumley.
Here you’ll also find a brief autobiographical sketch and see my photo by checking out the page: About the Author.
Needless to state here that I’ve always been an admirer of Joanna Lumley. But it was when I discovered she has something in common with Enid Blyton and that she had read one of her school stories on the radio that I decided to do a piece about her for my website.
I’ll soon be starting a New Topic in the Forum to discuss the page about Joanna.
So until then

Re: Delighted to be back in the fold

21 Feb 2015, 21:28

Hello fans of Joanna Lumley.
This is my second post after joining the forum recently. Please can someone tell me how to get on to Joanna Lumley to bring to her attention the piece I've written about her reading an Enid Blyton's short school story on the radio? The piece can be read in my website: www.enidblytonbio.co.uk in the page called: Joanna Lumly.
Thank you
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