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Edina Monsoon's House



Don't Just Lie There, Post Something!

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Post 14 Oct 2011, 13:21

Edina Monsoon's House

I can confirm that the house used for the exterior of Edina Monsoon's house is indeed number 30, Clarendon Road, W11. If you go to the end of this clip:


You will see Pats and Eddie coming out of a house which has a right-hand-side front door. They turn left and you can see that theirs is the second gate in. They walk towards a small bend in the road which has a blue 'Left' arrow sign on the right and a red 'No Entry' sign on the left (look closely).

I have been watching Ab Fab loads recently and have been obsessed with trying to work out where Eddie's house was! I knew from searching online that it was Holland Park, an area of London I've never been to, so I went to explore yesterday as I love going to exciting posh areas of London! I wondered up Holland Park Road assuming it would be there as I read online somewhere that Jen in real life used to live at number 67. Alas, I could tell that none of the houses were Eddies house as I knew the door was on the right and that it was semi detatched and had a small bend in the road outside. So, I went for a little walk around the back streets behind Holland Park tube, having already decided that I was never gonna find it, but thinking that it was a beautiful area anyway so I was glad I came there and then BANG! I recognised the little bend in the road and could match the stuff in the background and realised I was STOOD OUTSIDE EDDIE MONSOON'S HOUSE! WOOOOOOO! I WIN I WIN I WIN! hehehehe!

If you look on streetview here and turn the cursor right and look down the road, you will be able to see what I mean:

http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&q=3 ... CBMQ8gEwAA

What's interesting is you can't actually get outside number 30 on Streetview (This is number 38 you can see). I have a feeling this is because the people at number 30 (who will be remarkably rich) have opted out of streetview, maybe even because they know its a famous house. I suggest that it may even be the house of somebody who worked on the program?

Bit of Trivia: In Series Two when Patsy's sis comes to stay, Eddie says that the house cost 1.5m, but actually the house would today go for much closer

TWELVE MILLION! This one a few doors down which is the same size has just been sold:

http://www.marshandparsons.co.uk/london ... mit=Search

Anyway, as the only member of this forum that has stood outside Eddie's house, let me tell you that it was...


All my love,



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Post 14 Oct 2011, 13:22


Thank you so much for the information on the house! I'll definitely go and have a look next time I'm in London :grin:

It is a miracle I can walk at all. I bless the wonder of life and the newness of living ~ Patsy Stone


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Post 14 Oct 2011, 13:26

Re: Edina Monsoon's House

I've visited a lot of filming locations but I've never been to the house. (adding it to my ''to-do list when in London'' as we speak) Cheers!


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Absolutely Fabulous

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Post 14 Oct 2011, 14:46

Re: Edina Monsoon's House

Thank you very much, your information is much apprechiated. I shall try to queeze it into my to do list next month.
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Absolutely Fabulous

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Post 22 Oct 2011, 21:26

Re: Edina Monsoon's House

See my post in the other thread, but I went there last year and it has had extensive renovation and is quite easy to locate!
The reason for the lack of being able to see on street view is because it is a one way street. Cheers!
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