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The Search For Noah's Ark



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Post 24 Dec 2012, 01:50

Re: The Search For Noah's Ark

Timeless A-Peel wrote:
Philippa wrote:Well they certainly had trouble making up their mind about the title :lol:

Well then, I look forward to "Joanna Lumley's Quest-y Search for the Ark that may or may not be Noah's." :lmao:

Bwhahaha! Very true! :lmao:

"I find it a great antidote... lipstick and mirrors and hairspray." ~ Joanna Lumley


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Absolutely Fabulous

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Post 24 Dec 2012, 10:07

Re: The Search For Noah's Ark

As long as it has Joanna in it, I don't care how the correct title is. :lmao: I just downloaded it but might not be able to watch it until the day after tomorrow. It's Christmas, you know :wink:
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Timeless A-Peel

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Post 24 Dec 2012, 15:24

Re: The Search For Noah's Ark

Philippa wrote:Well I thought it was a wonderful documentary, I really enjoyed it! Although I was still under the impression that it was a two-parter, so I was kind of surprised that it suddenly finished. And wasn't she supposed to be going to Iran at some point as well, or were we just fed false information? (the title changed about 5000 times as well after all :lol:)

Joanna said in one of the recent interviews that they weren't able to go to Iran because they wouldn't insure the camera equipment. Apparently they were okay if something happened to all the actual people, but the cameras were another matter. :lol:

I look forward to watching it when it comes over here. What was the title that actually popped up onscreen in the end? At this rate, I think I half-expect it to be crossed out and amended in the credits. :lmao:

(Was Stephen Fry not in it after all? :wink: )


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Post 01 Jan 2013, 12:25

Re: The Search For Noah's Ark

It has been shown here twice recently - really enjoyable and informative, lots of stuff I did not know, Joanna as professional and warm as ever.

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