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To avoid confusion about restricted areas...



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Post 09 Mar 2009, 18:39

To avoid confusion about restricted areas...

There are restricted areas on this forum.
There's a media section which will soon turn into a vip/media section. We admins decided to hide this section to prevent people from joining the forum just for the downloads. You don't need to reach a posting quota to get in, if we see that you joined the forum and participate, we will let you in immediately. We're not that strict. The reason why we're adding a vip area is just to protect members' privacy, when it comes to sharing more personal details and pictures etc.
And apart from that we've also got an admin section, which is for admins and moderators only. We just use this to discuss how we can improve the forum, so we don't have to send private messages constantly. Don't worry, we don't gossip about forum members :P :lol:

I just wanted to get this out in the open, to avoid confusion, and to make sure that nobody feels left out or lied to or feels like we're hiding stuff on purpose. Because we wouldn't want that to happen :)

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Post 09 Mar 2009, 19:29

Re: To avoid confusion about restricted areas...

Ok, so I've just changed the board permissions and forums a 'lil bit, as some of you might had already noticed.

There's now a V.I.P. area that's accessable for every active member. (don't worry, you don't need a huge post count, we're not too strict as Phil said) It includes chatting about daily life (so that part of the forum is no longer visible for people that are not in the VIP yet, sorry) and the media section.

This area is just to protect people's privacy and to make sure no one signs up for the downloads as Phil pointed out, so have fun everyone! (and keep on posting)

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